Ambassador of Good Will

PID Rod appointed Constitutional Area 11 Leadership Area Leader

ID Rod was honoured to be presented the AMBASSADOR OF GOOD WILL, the highest award presented to a Lion, by President Corlew

As we begin a new century in Lions Service, the way we deliver that service and the structure we use to deliver that service will change .

The Global Action Team puts the entire Lions network to work for your club. And teamwork is the key—it brings the entire GLT, GMT and GST together to support your club. It’s a bottoms-up, whole-club approach that can energize every facet of your club. PID Rod has been appointed to guide Canada - Constitutional Area 2 - in Leadership.

Global Acton Team Chairperson PIP Dr. Wing-Kun Tam
Global Acton Team Vice Chairperson PIP Wayne Madden
Global Action Team Vice Chairperson PIP Mahendra Amarasuriya
LCIF Trustee PIP Barry Palmer

MD N Global Action Team

Global Action Team Chairperson
Council Chair Brennan Beaumont.

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Global Leadership Team

PCC Steward MacDonald
N-1 & N-2
PDG Frank Bonnell
N-3 & N-4

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Global Membership Team

Lion Reg House
N-1 & N-2,
N-3 & N-4

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Global Service Team

Lion Heather MacDonald
N-1 & N-2,
N-3 & N-4

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About MD N

Multiple District N , was chartered by Lions Clubs International July 6, 2007, with the division of Multiple District 41 into the single District 41 (Maine, USA) and the Atlantic Provinces of Canada plus Fort Kent, Fort Fairfield and Calais, Maine, USA

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Lion Brenda Billard


Lion Brenda began her term as CST in July 2011 as part of a pilot project to study the advantages and disadvantages of a semi-permanent Council Secretary Treasurer. In May of 2013 the pilot project ended and Lion Brenda began her first term, 2013 to 2016, of two possible terms. In May 2016, she was appointed to a second term.

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